At Minneapolis-based Triumph Pictures, we specialize in producing the finest video marketing content for a wide variety of corporate partners and businesses. Our hard work and impeccable video production standards have earned the trust of a growing number of notable clients. We have collaborated with industries such as recreation, restaurant, retail, software, financial, construction, and healthcare. No matter the type of marketing our clients’ request, we always adapt to the project and tell their specific stories, while still maintaining the quality that makes our productions stand out.

Businesses sometimes want to create specific, long narratives that can fascinate their target audience better. We place our creative focus in each story or theme, taking it seriously and using the appropriate weight and tone it deserves.

The growing prominence of social media brings new opportunities for businesses to connect to larger audiences. At our clients’ requests, we also create video content specifically made for social media. We can custom make videos for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Channels, getting the most of out clients production budgets. The length of these productions varies, though we still focus on our philosophy of story-driven content that compels audiences immediately to the message and services of our client. This aspect is critical in social media content, as a successful video will receive positive feedback and constant shares that will significantly increase a corporation’s reach.

Other companies also rely on traditional commercial formats mostly seen on television. Our commercials feature our most efficient work, as they communicate the services, message, and other information of a specific business under a limiting 30-second time window. Our marketing and filmmaking expertise allow us to convey so much in such a short time, in a seamless manner and use the best production values.

The remarkable production quality and concise storytelling associated with Triumph Pictures has earned us a significant list of important corporate clients in diverse industries. We expect that list to continue growing, and we look forward to adding your company to it soon.