Triumph Pictures contributes to the non-profit community in Minneapolis (and nationwide) by offering video production services that bring awareness to numerous charitable projects and organizations. Our philosophies and methods in this type of video production are no different from our other material. We offer a variety of video options we design to bring attention to worthy causes, from traditional 30-second commercials, to social media content, to longer videos focused on specific, long-form narratives.

Just as with traditional video marketing content, we place focus on translating your intended narrative or message into a captivating story that will influence the audience and incite generous action. Vital causes throughout our community do not receive enough attention from the public. Our videos aim to change that by bringing in professional production values and masterful storytelling to the charitable world.

We understand that some non-profit projects and organizations deal with themes that the public are not always comfortable with facing. Our production team has experience in dealing with delicate subject matter. We will present your cause in a tasteful manner you are comfortable with that will also appeal to potential donors. At the same time, we are respectful to your subjects and dedicate ourselves to produce content that will not dilute the overall situation and message you wish to convey. Our non-profit videos always feature a necessary empathetic touch.

Do you fear that you cannot afford high quality video because of the non-profit status of your organization? We can assure you that we will never compromise the video production quality we are known for, and we will work to sculpt great content that will stay respectful to your budget concerns.

We at Triumph Pictures believe in helping people who need it the most by providing videos that will increase involvement throughout the community. Between our budget conscious productions and our approach to the subject matter, consider us for your non-profit marketing.