The primary service that we offer at Minneapolis-based Triumph Pictures is video production. Our video work employs cutting edge equipment, expert filming techniques, and a strong focus on storytelling that takes your marketing narrative to a whole new level. Whether you need a TV commercial produced, want to increase your social media presence through video or are looking for unique ways to tell your story, Triumph Pictures can help.

We have a strong list of corporate clients that range between several industries, from retail, restaurants, and recreation, to banks, healthcare, and construction. Each of our clients has entrusted us to transform their unique and carefully developed narratives into highly appealing and marketable content. From social media segments to in-depth stories, we are always ready to craft the right video marketing content for our clients.

We do not limit our video work to just corporations. In fact, we have also forged strong relationships within the Minneapolis,MN community via our non-profit video productions. For organizations trying to bring awareness to an upcoming fundraising event or charity, we will bring our expertise in handling delicate subjects and working under a specific budget to create refined, impactful non-profit video productions. We assist in every step of the way to raise attention towards any good cause.

As our techniques and equipment continue to improve over the years, we have taken on increasingly ambitious projects, such as our short documentaries. During the past few years, we have brought our reliable video production quality to independent projects that place the spotlight on the incredible stories behind everyday subjects. These documentaries have earned Triumph Pictures a variety of film festival awards and industry recognition. Our most recent documentary, BENEATH THE INK, qualified for the Academy Awards and GQ currently features it on its video series about community leaders.

From corporate and non-profit marketing to short documentaries, our high production standards and focus on quality storytelling are always consistent in every Triumph Pictures video project. Let us use our talents to tell your story.


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