No matter what client we are servicing and what kind of video or photography project we are working on, we will always operate with the latest in video production and photography tools. Our equipment always stays up-to-date in order to create the freshest look possible.

For our video productions, we use the most recent Canon C300 Mark II Cinema cameras and lenses. Canon Cinema cameras produce a realistic looks that draw our audiences in and is the most reliable brand in the filmmaking industry. The secret behind our breathtaking aerial video and photography is the use of the Mavic Pro 4K drone, one of the most agile, fast, and responsive drones on the market. The camera takes detailed 4K footage and clean, crisp aerial photos. Our company is also pilot certified by the FAA to operate drones in approved locations.

Along with our drone capabilities we can capture a multitude of unique vantage points and silky slow motions with our other featured cameras including 4K GoPros and the 4K Sony A7III and Gimbal system. Whether it’s a hard to see angle in a manufacturing process or an artful slow motion used for added aesthetics, our stories are always visually interesting and add to the overall production value.  

Of course, no camera alone can deliver the superb content our clients know us for. In addition to our numerous top-of-the-line cameras, we also use professional lightning and sound equipment to enhance video, including our Sennheiser boom microphone for exceptional sounding interviews.  Elements like these are crucial in determining the tone of your video. The careful selection of sound and lighting can determine the feel and emotion of the final product.

Triumph Pictures combines our cutting-edge filming and photography tools, our advanced sound and lighting equipment, your unique story, and our editing expertise, to create high-end, one-of-a-kind video content. Whether you want to focus on a longer narrative or a catchy commercial, Triumph Pictures will always use the latest tools to add a cinematic quality to each of your video projects.